Volker Consulting partnered with Adviceworx in May 2021 and will be integrated into one seamless entity in due course

We look forward to an ongoing long-term relationship with you, our valued client, with the emphasis being on your financial security throughout life’s many milestones.

We are a financial planning practice that provides concise and objective solutions to our clients

A strong blend of knowledge and ethics form the foundation of our long-term client relationships.
As brokers, we complement our client’s needs with appropriate product solutions through our carefully selected product partners.

The team’s expertise lies in executive financial planning, employee benefits and corporate assurance.

Our offering

"Over the past 5 years, our relationship with Volker Consulting has gone from strength to strength. Not only does the team understand the essence of customer relationship management, but they have also proven to be highly knowledgeable specialists when it comes to employee benefits.”
Louis Opperman – General Manager – Red Bull

“Our consultants at Volker Consulting have always been more than professional, as is their administration staff. They go the extra mile when it comes to claims and sorting out the administration for fund queries and we have been amazed at their dedication to the Company, the members of the Pension fund and Medical aids, as well as their families in times of difficulty and stress.”
Heather Dukas – HR Manager – Damen Shipyards Cape Town

“The administration team provides excellent, accurate and on-time service.”
Candice Oliver – HR – Wartsilla

“Our staff feels more actively involved with their investments and the entire Volker team are very approachable and supportive at all times. We highly recommend Volker Consulting to manage your employee benefits program.”
Hector Coull – HR Director – Acceleration

“I put my complete trust in the Volker Consulting team. Their approach is all-encompassing, honest, and their integrity is beyond reproach. They have set up my own personal and business life, endowment and pension structures and our 14 year long relationship continues and goes from strength to strength.”
H Barlow – CEO – CompuSuppDotCom

“Our financial advisers at Volker Consulting have gone the extra mile in providing solutions. This covers both the executives and employees for our various business units.”
TP Taylor – Trustee – Alto Trust